Monday, April 12, 2010

How to use R2Blog step by step

1. R2blog is a software based on Internet explorer. So to use this software you must sure that you can connect to via IE.

2. After login to your blog and click create new post to check edit mode of your post, it's must be Compose mode not Edit HTML mode.

In your blog Setting -> Basic select ''

Now it's ok, you can start using R2blog

Download the lastest version of R2blog here

3. Open R2blog
and click on 'Register' and paste your key and click 'Reg'
You can use demo key (free forever) or contact me to get trial key (30 days)

4. Add you blog
Your blog URL:
Your blog ID:
5. Add Rss feed source
Rss feed must be full description

note: RSS link and RSS description must be the same

6. Click 'refresh' button and wait all post load, choose the post by click checkbox

Click 'Start post'