Monday, April 12, 2010

R2Blog introduction

Now aday, there are more and more blogger who are using blogspot services and their blogs have alot of pageview per day. But it's not easy to achieve this. They must spend more 2 hours per day to post some entries to their blog. They are wasting their time? No, they dont. Because that is the price they must pay for their blogs to become more and more people-can-know.

Is there any other way to do this? Yes, of course. You can you auto poster for your blog and R2Blog is one of them. Why should you choose to use R2Blog?

R2Blog is an useful sofware that help you update your blog from RSS link via some clicks.
R2blog has alot of advance features to help you custom your post entry in the way that you want, ex. you can change you post title, post label, add some html code to your post...

Try demo version now and you will be surprised what R2Blog can do!