Saturday, November 13, 2010

R2blog new version 1.04, new update coming soon

R2Blog is an automated blog posting software that allows you to publish your post to Blogger (blogspot) from RSS feed content, just add RSS link and click you will see new post in your blog.

What news in R2blog v1.04 *:
* Fixed error 'manually label' input
* Add 2 new features: Auto start and auto login and post
* Fixed error when the number of RSS feed bigger or smaller than 25

R2blog V1.02 is now available

* Double click to view the post before publish
* fixed error: Title and body of the post are not synchronous

List of Features
* Automatically post from RSS content
* View the post before publish
* Add html code to the post, remove the link in post.
* Support post label (auto, manual or default label)

This is new update of R2blog with some more feature and fix some error in old version. If you want to try Contact me here to get trial key

Download here
R2blog v1.01

R2blog v1.02

R2blog v1.03
*login error due to update from