Thursday, June 7, 2012

R2blog update 07 June 2012 version 1.36

R2blog auto post for blogger

R2blog auto post for blogger version 1.36 now available:

HOw to use R2blog (please read it carefully)
New update:
* Label setting updated
* Image SEO feature
* Key invalid error updated
Version 1.36

Free R2blog demo Key: see at the end of this page
Change log:
R2blog v1.01
R2blog v1.02
* Double click to view the post before publish
* fixed error: Title and body of the post are not synchronous
R2blog v1.03
*login error due to update from
R2blog v1.04
* Fixed error 'manually label' input
* Add 2 new features: Auto start and auto login and post
* Fixed error when the number of RSS feed bigger or smaller than 25
R2blog v1.05
* Update server, fixed key invalid
* Update right click for menu (preview, edit, set as last post)
* Edit function to edit the post

R2blog v1.06
* Update server, fixed key invalid
* RPC server for posting
R2blog v1.1
* Add wordpress blog posting (
R2blog 1.2
* Added post date as screenshot
* fixed error with some font encoding.
R2blog v1.3
* Auto post feature
* Working with new editor of blogger.
R2blog v1.31
* Auto make post in random time
* Multiple blogs managements
* Content translation

R2blog v1.32
* Schedule posting (all post will be publish in schedule with random time)
* Fixed some error.

R2blog v1.33
* Check duplicated post title
* Fixed some error.

 R2blog v1.34

* Content translation update
* Get post detail from summary feed sources
Demo key (0nly for version 1.04 and higher)

 R2blog v1.35
 * Label setting update
* Get post detail from summary feed sources
* HTML tag remove feature
* With this key, you can only use basic function of R2blog, no more feature and ad text will be added at the end of each post.